Easier Access for Importers

The Canadian Federal government has made some changes that will ultimately make it easier for Importers to access Canadian markets.


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A new program: Customs Self Assessment—Platinum  has been added to the Trusted Traders program. It will allow existing CSA Importers to demonstrate that their systems are operational and trusted, effectively reducing the trade compliance of these importers. This in turn allows the CSA to focus resources on more risky importers, streamlining the transit of freight into Canada.

John Manley, president and CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives also praised today’s announcements according to trucknews.com;

“From the beginning, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives has strongly supported the Beyond the Border initiative because of its potential to streamline cross-border commerce and improve Canadian and U.S. competitiveness. The innovative, practical measures announced today will make a tangible difference to workers and companies on both sides of the border. The eGate pilot project at the Peace Bridge offers an excellent example of the ways in which technology can make border crossings faster and easier while enhancing security. Meanwhile, improvements to the Customs Self-Assessment program will enable more Canadian firms to take advantage of the opportunities presented by global supply chains.”

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